The Gold Coast, Queensland, AustraliaFor advice on your visa, have you already been to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website? If not, you may want to take a look and perhaps explore at DIBP what type of visa may suit your needs. If you are considering General Skilled Migration or Business Skills you also need to refer to for information on the new expression of interest pathway to these visas.

If your case is simple and straightforward, then you can submit your own visa application directly to DIAC. But this year the number of visas being issued in Australia for permanent residency has been slashed (from about 300,000 in 2008) and it is now much more difficult to qualify. More complex visa applications and immigration situations can also be handled professionally.

Only a Registered Migration Agent can provide you with Australian visa advice. We are supervised by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), and operate under a strict Code of Conduct, which you can look up here. You will find the Owner of Adagent Pty Ltd, Richard Davies, listed as here as a Registered Migration Agent. MARA also monitor average fees charged by Registered Migration Agents.

Visa Application Charges are listed at VISA PRICING TABLE and these fees are the same whether you lodge your own visa, or use our services.

Australia has an immigration regime where Legislation passed by the Australian Parliament provides the laws which govern the operation of visa grants. That is why visa advice is best provided by a graduate from one of the top university law schools. Not all Migration Agents have post graduate qualifications in immigration law, but would you trust your future to anyone less well qualified?

If you want professional visa advice your first step to determine your prospects for gaining a visa to Australia, is to contact us at Adagent VISAdvice.

If you wish to migrate to Australia and would like assistance, if you find the Australian migration applications difficult, if you want a Partner Visa (Spouse Visa, De Facto Visa , Fiance Visa), if you are an employer wanting to sponsor workers for a visa, if you are a student wanting a visa or permanent residence, if you are seeking an Independent Skilled Visa, your first step to determine your prospects for gaining a visa to Australia, is to contact us at Adagent VISAdvice.

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